yoga-happiness-health said:That’s ALL of your lunch 😊?! Date balls and nana icecream - YES!

You make it sound like it’s too little? Don’t worry it is not ! Lots of bananas to make my ice cream and lots of dates for the balls and when I make zoodles I make a tahini lemon dressing and have fruit too. I eat a lot in a day !

I was just curious :)! I always feel like I am totally undereating! I love dates and had some nana inceream for breakfast the other day - super yum! Love your blog!

"The enjoyment of an idle life doesn’t cost any money. The capacity for true enjoyment of idleness is lost in the moneyed class and can be found only among people who have a supreme contempt for wealth. It must come from an inner richness of the soul in a man who loves the simple ways of life and who is somewhat impatient with business of money making."
- The Importance of Living by Lin Yutang (via theearthwillsaveoureyes)

(via soulflowur)

Tips for Becoming More confident


1. Stop discounting your successes - start affirming them instead. Don’t say “Oh, it’s nothing” or “Everyone could do that”. Treat, and talk to, yourself as you would a good friend.

2. Develop a positive attitude, and choose to get your mind off the negatives. For example, write down three things…